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We empower teachers to build a greater understanding of how students learn, develop their math content knowledge, and effectively use ST Math to engage students in rigorous problem solving to build deep conceptual understanding.

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ST Math is Different

For more than 20 years, the neuroscience research team at MIND has been digging into what makes learning happen. We are continuously improving to make ST Math the most innovative, powerful, and effective math program it can be - all in service of the millions of students who have used ST Math nationwide.

Try It Out Yourself

Curious to see the games for yourself? Look no further! We’ve now made full games available to try out for grades PreK-8. Simply click your grade and find the math concepts covered in the corresponding games. With 48 different games and over 320 levels, there are so many free resources to explore in your classroom.

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Changing Math Classroom Culture...

“I hate math.”

“I’m just not good at math.”

Wouldn’t you like to be able to change this conversation in your classroom?

One of the most rewarding parts of successful ST Math implementation is seeing students’ confidence grow profoundly. ST Math helps reinforce a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset when approaching new math concepts. Students are able to visualize their predictions for problems, test those predictions, receive feedback, and analyze that information to refine their thinking around the content. The entire process is done at the individual student’s pace, and thus further enhances the personalized learning experience.

We’ve always known when visiting classrooms and talking to students and teachers that ST Math promotes social-emotional skills and problem-solving abilities. ST Math changes how students feel about math and now, there’s research to prove it! A recent randomized control trial found students who play ST Math have higher math self-beliefs than non-ST Math students – and the effect is highest for the lowest performers.

...and Celebrating JiJi Culture

The other culture worth making note of is JiJi Culture! What exactly is JiJi culture? It’s a celebration of math love in the classroom (in-person or online), at home, and beyond!

Our penguin mascot, JiJi, remains a constant throughout the entire student journey no matter the grade level. Students are able to build a relationship with JiJi in more places than just gameplay –and JiJi is always by their side, no matter where they are learning or what challenges they face. Both teachers and families alike are able to pull from a variety of instructional resources and JiJi branded celebratory resources as well!

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The Teacher Kit

We want teachers to have everything they need to show administrators how valuable ST Math could be in their classrooms. Here are a few additional resources available for download directly that might help answer any outstanding questions that may comeup.

Quick Downloads

"I love how ST Math makes my students think about math in a different way. When they are struggling, I have to tell them that I know the math, but we need to figure out the puzzle together. I also love that my ELL students are able to solve puzzles independently. The look of accomplishment on their faces when they finish a level without me! ST Math meets the needs of my diverse classroom easily."

Kristina Bartko, 4th Grade Math and Science Teacher, Samsel Upper ES

Sayreville, NJ

"ST Math shows students that with persistence and practice they will be better atmath."

Bo Templeton, Teacher, Newport Elementary

Newport School District, PA

"I have to pry it out of their hands at the end of every season. ST Mat is an activity they look forward to. With ST Math, I've got flexibility, and the information that the program provides really does drive my instruction."

Bryan Williams, Teacher, Douglas L. Jamerson Elementary Center for Mathematics and Engineering

Pinellas County Schools, FL

"ST Math encourages higher level thinking in my students. It allows them to work through math problems in different ways. The kids are more receptive to new concepts when they've already seen them with JiJi."

Mary Kay Dale, 3rd Grade Teacher, Jack Valley Elementary

Douglas County School District

"ST Math is great about slipping concepts into the games gradually. A bit here and a bit there, until the full picture forms. The gradual vocabulary is great too, because often they don't know what faces or vertices mean, but that gives me an opportunity to make a connection and explain it."

Beverly Hall, 2nd Grade Teacher, Jere Whitson Elementary

Putnam County School District, TN

"The program has far exceeded any expectations we had. I can't speak highly enough about the program, and the difference it's had on our kids."

Heath Squires, Lead Math Teacher, Union Hill School

Worcester, MA

"The rigor and conceptual learning in ST Math push students to think about more than just the answer. When they're on ST Math it's one of the only times I know they're genuinely thinking for themselves."

Laura Coffman, 5th Grade Teacher, Robeson Elementary

Champaign Unit 4 School District, IL

Interested in ST Math for your school? Send an email with info to your administrator now.

ST Math | Teacher Resources (14)

ST Math | Teacher Resources (2024)


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