Everything You Might Want to Know About Tantric Massage - We've Asked a Pro (2024)

Klaudia Hunková is a certified tantric masseuse and owner of the Tantra Shaktistudio in Slovakia. She has been practicing tantric massage for 11 years and regards it as her mission and spiritual path. In an interview with Refresher, she confidently explained to us the advantages of such massages and what their benefits are.

Your ideas about tantric massage might be twisted. It's not just an erotic act with so calledhappy ending as a goal. There's actuallya lot more to it.

In this article, you'll read about:

  • What is a tantric massage really about?
  • Are women or men more frequent visitors of tantric studios?
  • Is it common to reach org*sm during this type of massage?
  • Do you have to be naked?
  • Are the masseuses also naked?

When I'm going to a tantric massage appointment, where can I learn more about it?

On the web, but you can also call us or write an email.

The goal of tantric massage is not climax.

Do you give first-time clients some sort of introductoryrundown on what's about to happen?

Yes, of course. We ask all of our clients if they're experienced. We walk them through the course of the massage, what will the massagebelike. We agree on what is acceptable, what is off limits and we tell them to let us know if something doesn't feel right.

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Do they use some sort of a safe word, or do they just simply tell you to "Stop"?

Yes, that's enough (laughs). You don't have to think up a traffic light, none of that.

What kind of misconceptions do first-time clients bring to tantric massage?

Quite often we encounter the confusion with erotic massage. The exact difference between these two types of massages is not quite clear for many.

So what is the difference between erotic and tantric massage?

First of all, the goal of tantric massage is not to climax. The goal of tantric massage is the massage itself, the course of it, the experience. Next difference is that tantric massageuses energy work. It is composed of multiple massage types: eastern techniques focus on energy work, classic western techniques work with the muscles. Erotic massage doesn't work with energies and ismuchmore focused on the climax.

Would you say that it is more of a spiritual experience?

More spiritual, but also deeper. It surely is also about sexuality. Tantra is a holistic concept and it approaches a human as a whole. It doesn't demonize any parts of the human body.The entire body, hands, legs and genitals, are all equal.

I often come across people not knowing what it is. They often mistake it for erotic massage.

What is the difference between classic and tantric massage?

Huge. Classic massage only works with muscles, it focuses on relaxation, heals stiff muscles and so forth. Tantric massage does use some principles of the classic Swedish massage, but it doesn't go that deep. It's more about the emotion, the touch is soft, loving and pleasant.

Is it mandatory for the clients to strip naked?

Not really (smiles). The clients have to shower before and after the massage, of course. They come into the massage room covered in a sarong - oriental scarf, in which the massage is initiated. The scarf is then gradually uncovered during the course of the massage.

So the scarf is readjusted and some parts of the body are always covered? I'll never be completely naked on the massage table?

We don't perform the massage on a table, but a futon on the floor. And you are naked. But if you have a problem with that, we will not force you to be naked. We agree at the beginning of the massage how we will proceed, it's not possible to change it during the process.

Do you have both masseurs and masseuses?

We only have masseuses.

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Are the masseuses naked during massage?

The sarong is also set aside during the massage. The nudity that occurs is not superficial per se. It's not there to be staring at each other.

So why nudity then?

A human is born naked. It's very natural. On top of that, we show that we're not hiding anything, it's a ritual or a demonstration of vulnerability. Besides, it doesn't arouse imagination. If there is something, some part of a garment, it mayinspire various fantasies.But when a woman is naked already, there's not much imagination left to stimulate.

Why is it important not toimagine during the massage?

Tantric massage isbased on tantra and it's all about the here and now. It's not about some virtual idea. We also guide our clients toavoidthinking during the massage and only focus on the feelings that they're currently experiencing in their body. What was before and what comes after the massage, is not important. They can deal with that after (smiles).

Shy clients visit usregularly. Yet it has never happened to me that it couldn't be handled.

Do the masseuses use other body parts for rubbing? Legs, elbows or breasts, for example?

There are massages that utilize the body touch. It has a grounding effect.

Are the clients allowed to touch the masseuse during the massage?

Basically, they can touch, but there is touch and then there is 'touch'. The allowed type of touch serves for grounding, like arms or legs touching. Clients need to get grounded during the massage. So they can touch, but they can't look for something (smile).

So no grabbing?

No, absolutely no snooping, intimate parts are completely off limits.

If I were to go to a tantric massage appointment, would they touch my private parts?

If you consent to it in advance, then yes. It has to be properly communicated. I tend to ask after the massage itself is finished and we proceed to private parts. I ask again if the client is OK with it. It can't be a surprise.

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Is it common for both men and women to perform the massage?

In some parlors, there are also male masseurs, I currently don't offer that. But tantra does not distinguish between the sexes.

So you have both male and female visitors?


And both men and women can perform the massage?

Correct. We perceive them as human beings, there's no gender separation.

Do you use any tools during the massage?

We use oils and stones. Not lava stones, but minerals.

Is it possible to have more masseuses at the same time?

Yes, it's possible.

Men are more open. It's probably natural.

Is there a limit? If I request five masseuses at the same time, is it even possible?

(laughs) It would definitely be an adventure, butalso technically challenging. Two masseuses are common, so four-handed massage is possible. It's a completely different experience.

How is it different?

It's a different feeling. If you are touched by two hands, your brain can easily process that. It's able to follow it, even though we tryto make that challenging. As soon as there are four hands at the same time, you're not capable of following. The client is in a state where he stops following the hands, instead he follows what he's feeling. Only focusing on his own sensations.

Can it happen that a massage leads to sex?

No, it can't.

How do clients react to the massage? Are they shy to express their enjoyment, or do they openly moan and communicate?

That is very individual, we're all different. But the massage is lead in a way that the client eventually eases up. We get shy clients often. We see that during the very first communication that precedes every massage. Yet it has never happened to me that it couldn't be handled. However, there were a few cases when the client couldn't relax. But I can't read people and everyone has their own circ*mstances that we're not familiar with.

But it does happen that clients moan loudly or express with body movements?

Yes, sure, that's also encouraged.

Do you react to that kind of feedback? Like when you see that the person enjoys something more, do you proceed accordingly?

Yes, for sure.

You have said that climax is not the goal of tantric massage. Is it in any way possible for someone to reach org*sm with it?

Okay, org*sm is not the destination, but a natural component. If it happens, it happens, if not, it doesn't. org*sm is a part of our being and our sexuality.

So it happens regularly?

It does happen, yes.

Isn't it awkward or unpleasant for anyone involved?

No, most definitely not.

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Who visits your parlor more often, men or women?

Men, of course men (laughter).

Why do you think men are more frequent visitors?

Men are more open. It's probably natural. Women come as well, but men are far more frequent.

Do you get more older or younger clients?

That's hard to say, the youngest are 18 years old at least and it's not limited any further.

org*sm is not the destination, but a natural component.

Do couples also visit you?

Yes, they do.

And how does it look like when there are two clients? Does each one of them get their own masseuse?

Yes, there are two masseuses present. The couple can hold hands, look into each others eyes. They can experience it all together.

Does the couple then get involved in the massage? Do they learn how to massage each other?

No, that doesn't happen. Each of them experiences it for themselves. If they desire, there might be some interaction between them, looking into each others eyes, experiencing together

Do you think they come together just to check on each other and see if something happens?

I can't tell you what's behind that (laughs).

Don't they have an option afterwards to have some privacytobe aloneand react to the massage?

Not in our studio. They can be in privacy at home after the massage (laughs).

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Did it ever happen that someone left in the middle of the massage?

Notto me, but it often happens that someone says „This is not pleasant for me.“ That usually occurs during foot massage. People are very ticklish, so we skip on that in these cases.

Do people sometimes come with an expectation of sex or climax?Climax yes, but sex no. They know it will not happen.

You've said that tantric massage is based on tantra. What is the difference between these two terms?

It's a big difference. Tantra has a long history, it originates in India and it came to existence even before our era. The word tantra in sanskrit stands for expansion, relaxation. The goal of tantra is enlightenment. Tantric massage is younger and it doesn't originate in India (laughs). It's roughly 30 years old. It's a European thing, called neo-tantra, adapted to our society and it was popularized by Andro. This man lives in Berlin and he is the one who created today's form of tantric massage.

How did you get into tantric massage?

It came to me somehow. There was a point in my life when I needed to change jobs and I was looking around for what else I could do.I have medical education, so it was clear to me that I will do massages. I did a few courses, but I'm always curious and I was alwaysseeking out more courses to do.I don't remember where the initial information came from, but I was looking up tantric massage. I took a multi-module course in Prague, but it wasn't my intention to do tantric massage. My acquaintances knew about the course and one of them asked me if I could perform the massage on him.And then it continued.

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Istantric massage widespread in your opinion?

I often meet people who don't know what it is. They often mistake it with erotic massage.

The most expensive thing with us are BDSM massages, because they're more challenging for the masseuse. Emotionally as well.

What do you think of the competition. Are there many tantric salons?

There are quality salons, of course. I know some of them and I am aware of what they do.

What do I need to know if I want to perform a tantric massage?

It is ideal to have experience with massage, massage course for basic knowledge. I teach tantric massage, you could join my course (laughs).

Are there any requirements for the appearance of tantric masseuses?

No, there is no such thing. She doesn't have to be a model, it is important to have a pleasantlook and behavior. State of mind is important, so that she enjoys the process and the touch. For me it's important that the touch contains what it should.

So a tantric masseuse can be skinny, chubby, short or tall?


Is it possible to make good money with this work?

That really depends. This type of work can't be done for money alone. The person has to like it and enjoy it, otherwise the massage is not good. And if the massage isn't good, the clients aren't happy. I once had a girl here that said she performed massages in a German 4* hotel, but the massage didn't feel right. In this case, the clients don't return.

Okay, so for better idea, can you tell me how much does such a massage cost?

It starts at 50 EUR per hour.

Depending on what type I choose?


What's the most expensive combination I can choose at your parlor?

The most expensive thing with us are BDSM massages, because they're more challenging for the masseuse. Emotionally as well.

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Do you also use the classic BDSM tools like a whip, handcuffs, etc.?We do two types of BDSM massages. The first one is based on japanese shibari, which is a kind of bondage. The second type iswith floggers or whip, but the relationship is not dominant- submissive. It's still about clients pleasure. Each touch triggers some sort of emotion, but we onlygoas far as it is still enjoyable.It's not about hurting.

People who request BDSM massage are usually submissive, aren't they?

This massage is focused on relieving stress. If the client doesn't relax during other massage, this one will definitely do the trick, because he certainly won't have space to think about anythin else (laughs).

So, can you imagine that someone who is naturally dominant in bed would purchase this massage and enjoy it?

Most definitely.

You've mentioned japanese shibari. Why would someone pay you to be tied up with ropes?

The philosophy of tantric bondage is: tie the body, set the soul free. Yes, it is completely liberating, it's about removing responsibility. If I don't have the power, I'm not responsible. As long as everything is done properly and the client feels safe, it is highly liberating. It's the type of feeling that you can't really get anywhere else.

Let's get back to the money again. BDSM massage is the most expensive: how much would I pay for it?

One hour of BDSM massage costs 100 EUR.

By comparison, how much did you have to invest into education or courses?

(laughs) Surely a lot more! These are quality courses, the costs aresizeable.

Can you tell me at leastthe average cost of these courses?

Around2500 EUR.

How do classic masseurs react to you? Do they say tantra is just a cover for erotic services?

I don't know, there are different people. But I have friends that are masseurs and it has never been a problem.

Do you ever feel shame at work?

No. You have to be at peace with what you do, otherwise you can't do it.

Are you now closed due to coronavirus restrictions?

Yes, we do not work during this time.

Were you able to move any part of your activities to the online space, to survive the crisis?

It's impossible. We have clients that sometimes call to ask if we're working yet, but it's impossible to perform a massage over the phone. Or even teach.

How did the pandemic affect you financially?

Well, our sales are down 100%, obviously. We are trying to survive from savings.

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Everything You Might Want to Know About Tantric Massage - We've Asked a Pro (2024)


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